First proposed three decades ago, quantum computing is now a reality…albeit in the form of laboratory-bound machines that occupy an entire room and require a physicist to drive them. This revolution in data processing technology promises everything from improved traffic flow and weather forecasting to faster gene sequencing and targeted space exploration.

Alarmingly, quantum technology also has the potential to render current encryption codes not so cryptic, threatening cybersecurity for public and private websites, web and cloud computing services and mobile communication providers. No-one is sure when, and if, those of us who aren’t physicists will have access to this quantum shift in computing. Even the experts are loathe to call a timeline with significant technological and practical hurdles to be overcome before a ‘QC’ will take its place next to your ‘PC’. However, with unparalleled investment in quantum research from government and industry worldwide, the necessary breakthroughs WILL happen.

In this forward thinking discussion, some of the leading lights and potential benefactors of the quantum age of technology will discuss the potential opportunities and serious challenges facing this brave new world of computing.  

Panelist: Professor Andrew White

Adult: $35
Concession: $30
Students: $10

About UQ at World Science Festival Brisbane

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