Scientific discovery and spiritual faith have one unassailable commonality – they both strive to frame the natural structure of the cosmos; science explores the how, what and when, and faith seeks to explain why.

Could recent cosmological discoveries about the birth of our universe – Gravitational waves, Higgs boson, the Big Bang – finally provide the order and ‘truth’ sought by scientists and spiritual leaders alike?

Join our panel of multi-disciplinary experts to explore how, in this technological age, the philosophies and practices of diverse religious faiths co-exist with the highly empirical and concrete world of science.

Panelist: Dr Thomas Aechtner

Adult: $35
Concession: $30
Students: $10

About UQ at World Science Festival Brisbane

The University of Queensland is proud to partner with the Queensland Museum for the inaugural World Science Festival Brisbane from 22-26 March 2017.

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Held annually in New York since 2008 the World Science Festival is now one of the most celebrated science festivals in the world, and this year it's coming back to Brisbane!

The University of Queensland is proud to showcase our expertise across all aspects of science through talks, panels and engaging science demonstrations during World Science Festival Brisbane.



Conservatorium Theatre