Can we achieve global carbon neutrality by 2050, and what will it take to get there? As revolutionary technology makes renewables more reliable, accessible and affordable, global investment in clean energy continues to hit record levels.

The transition to renewable energy is gathering speed worldwide and more nations are reporting fossil fuel-free energy days. What are the common challenges in achieving the ultimate power shift and how can we come together as a global community to meet them? Will markets forge our future in renewable energy or will public policy lead the way?

Join our scientists and experts as they contemplate the complete disruption of our current model of energy generation, and propose just how industry, government and individuals can adopt the behavioural changes necessary for the new energy economy.

Panelist: Professor Peta Ashworth

Adult: $35
Concession: $30 

About UQ at World Science Festival Brisbane

The University of Queensland is proud to partner with the Queensland Museum for the inaugural World Science Festival Brisbane from 22-26 March 2017.

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Held annually in New York since 2008 the World Science Festival is now one of the most celebrated science festivals in the world, and this year it's coming back to Brisbane!

The University of Queensland is proud to showcase our expertise across all aspects of science through talks, panels and engaging science demonstrations during World Science Festival Brisbane.



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