Schrödinger dreamed up a cat that, thanks to quantum physics, is both alive and dead. Einstein worried about spooky action at a distance. Google is trying to build a quantum computer and we can communicate secretly using quantum particles. Quantum physics, which describes the behaviour of matter at atomic and subatomic scales, has long provided inspiration for artists, writers, and filmmakers.

Join us during the World Science Festival Brisbane to watch the shortlist from Quantum Shorts, an international film festival that has attracted entries from across the world. The screening will be followed by a panel with three quantum physicists who can answer your film-inspired questions.

Cost: Free

About UQ at World Science Festival Brisbane

The University of Queensland is proud to partner with the Queensland Museum for the inaugural World Science Festival Brisbane from 22-26 March 2017.

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Held annually in New York since 2008 the World Science Festival is now one of the most celebrated science festivals in the world, and this year it's coming back to Brisbane!

The University of Queensland is proud to showcase our expertise across all aspects of science through talks, panels and engaging science demonstrations during World Science Festival Brisbane.



Stanley Place, South Brisbane
GOMA - Cinema B